Wind Wise Radio (Mass.)

Apr 9, 2012


Wind Wise Radio is a live internet-based talk show and includes interviews with experts and q&a from callers. Episodes will stream live each Sunday Night at 7-8pm (U.S. Eastern Time) and podcasts of archived shows will be available in the itunes store, at our site, and elsewhere.

WWR is an all volunteer effort to help our communities and groups grow closer to each other, both regionally and nationally, by providing a weekly forum for the exchange of ideas and information about the role of wind energy in our attempts to solve the problems associated with human created climate change. Each week we will strive to present timely, relevant, newsworthy interviews with the leading experts. Susan and I hope you will tune in and listen to the show and to call in to interact with our guests. Please join the conversation.

Additionally, we are writing today to ask you for your support in getting the word about Wind Wise Radio out to all of your friends and communities. Besides emailing or telling your groups about WWR, many of you run websites, blogs and facebook pages and we hope you will consider putting a link, or a graphic, or even one of our widgets on your sites.

We can help provide graphics– please just ask.

The WWR widget is available at:

The WWR widget automatically displays a continuously updated link list of upcoming (and archived) shows from Wind Wise Radio. It also provides an easy way for others to grab the embed code for the widget so that they can embed it on their own sites and blogs. The widget is highly customizable both in size and stylistically (again, please ask if you need help in installing it).

There is also an RSS feed if that might work better for your circumstance.

Highest Regards,

Harley Keisch and Susan Lockwood
The hosts of Wind Wise Radio



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P.S. Susan and Harley both also volunteer with Preserve Lenox Mountain. Ridges are not renewable.

  1. Comment by Frank Haggerty on 04/10/2012 at 7:41 am


    A crucifixion is a very difficult and harrowing experience, especially one lasting a long time.

    The developer and the Town of Fairhaven are aiming to start two massive commercial wind turbines by Earth Day on April 22.

    The Town of Fairhaven and Falmouth, Massachusetts built massive three-armed crucifixes across residential locations. The famous statue of Christ the Redeemer that overlooks Rio de Janeiro is only 130 feet tall. Fairhaven and Falmouth’s eco-idols are three times that height, but will serve the same imposing purpose.

    Do not confuse Fairhaven and Falmouth’s belief system with a true faith. It is a superstition, the tenets of which are capable of being scientifically disproven. It is a perverse faith, in that it reveres the “environment” ahead of people who live in it. It is a most ascetic superstition, in that it demands we live less happily and less freely and with less prosperity over 500 residents who will become sick from the noise in Fairhaven. Falmouth already has over 50 residents sick!

    Fairhaven and Falmouth want to build millions of dollars more worth of wind turbines; to call them mere windmills is to mistake their scale. No mere flour mill requires a skyscraper-sized turbine on top of it, a blight that can be seen for miles. And, like the massive cathedrals of medieval times, Fairhaven’s three-armed crosses are to be paid for with tithes, from the little people. The residential homeowners of Fairhaven and Falmouth.

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