Wind Turbine Syndrome in the cartoons

Nov 18, 2012


Editor’s note:  Wind Turbine Syndrome sufferers do, indeed, flock to their doctors for an explanation of what’s going on and some sort of remedy.  We hear about this all the time.  The pity is that most physicians don’t have a clue as to what’s happening to these people, and generally treat them with anti-depressants.  The good news is that more and more physicians are realizing it’s the turbines that are in fact making these people sick—and they are still giving them anti-depressants.

Can these “docs” do anything further for their patients?  No really.  Some advise the afflicted simply to move away—which of course is not a simple thing to do.  Yet fleeing your home remains the best cure for WTS.

With appreciation to, which has been lampooning wind energy for many years.

  1. Comment by Karen Bessey Pease on 11/19/2012 at 8:11 pm

    Hello from western Maine. :o)

    You know… I think the ‘docs’ CAN do something for their patients. I believe they can SPEAK OUT! In the long run, by doing so, they would provide far more relief for their patients than any prescription medications they could prescribe.

    While ‘moving away’ may cause a cessation in many individuals’ symptoms, I think we will soon discover (as more and more industrial wind turbine facilities are built) that moving is akin to putting a Band-aid on a gut-shot. It makes the applier of the Band-aid feel like he/she is doing something productive, but in the end–the wound is still far larger and more injurious than anything a simple bandage can heal.

    And (in my humble opnion) moving simply delays real and effective action. Getting mad…being righteously indignant…will have far more effect.

    We must ask ourselves…why are we allowing a corporate industry to force us from our homes? There have no compunction with making us to choose health, happiness and well-being over home-ownership or financial stability. There is no doubt–NONE-that that wind industry knows for a certainly that their projects cause harm to human beings. They KNOW that… and yet, they show a complete and total disregard for the health and well-being of their fellow citizens.

    Such disregard is unconscionable. If I had a child who was being bullied by the ‘big’ kids, would I stand by and let that abuse continue, simply because the bully was tough and powerful and ‘connected’? Would I allow my child to be victimized?

    No. Absolutely not! I would stand up. Stand tall! Speak out. Speak out loudly! I would act as a shield of protection for the ones who have not yet discovered that their own power resides within themselves. Those who don’t realize that they CAN prevail–but to do so takes hard work, and courage, and a sense of what is right and moral and decent.

    We will prevail. I have no doubt we will. But to succeed, we must pool our resources, our courage and our voices.

    We’re on the path to success, but we must remain strong. We must deal in facts–facts based on science and economics. Even more importantly, we must speak out with integrity. We must point out the unethical and inhumane aspects of what is being allowed to take place under the guise of ‘the common good’.

    If one person is harmed by industrial wind, that is one too many. I won’t stand for it. I don’t think you will, either. I beieve that if we all take the same position, we can and will change the course of this ‘industry gone wild’.

    Karen (Kaz) Pease

  2. Comment by Itasca Small on 11/20/2012 at 1:10 am

    Thank you, Kaz and Calvin. You are both great blessings in this Wind War. You’re right. It’s time to speak more forcefully in reaction to this outrageous scourge inflicted upon the world. I pray that, in my weakness, God will be my strength, and that my time to speak more publicly once again is now.

    I can testify to whomever wants to listen that the Health Assessment published by Dr. Sarah Laurie in April 2012, and available here on the Wind Turbine Syndrome site, tells any physician who chooses to read it with an open mind, desirous of the answer, what is the basic mechanism and etiology of WTS. It is the adrenal glands reacting to the effects on the bodily organs of infrasonic wave radiation generated and propagated by the industrial wind turbines. The symptoms manifest dependent upon the condition of an individual’s adrenal glands and other aspects of his health. It seems that many victims have adrenals that can still release excessive amounts of cortisol that cause the most common constellation of WTS symptoms.

    In my case, my adrenals were already in trouble when the IWTs went online, about 11.25 miles/24.75 kilometers from my home. When my adrenals tried to respond with more cortisol, the fact they could only release much less than normal catapulted me past the more common WTS symptoms of excessive cortisol. My health worsened to the edge of Addison’s Disease—a life-threatening condition caused by non-functioning adrenals. The association with the Wind Monsters was obvious. Thanks to Calvin getting through to me, I escaped by leaving my home and am slowly climbing out of the pit the Monsters put me into. But, I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO LEAVE MY HOME!!! My sister shouldn’t have to give me shelter!

    I have communicated my experience to Dr. Laurie and Rick James. If anyone else would like to know details, I would be eager to share. . . .If my experience can help confirm the etiology of the physical reaction to IWTs, I am anxious to share. . . .

    Itasca Small
    Navajo County
    Arizona, U.S.A.

    Editor’s note: Some years back, we published an article discussing cortisol levels among people living near industrial wind turbines, “Cortisol and Wind Turbines.”


  3. Comment by Itasca Small on 11/20/2012 at 6:30 pm

    Thank you, Calvin, for your skillful editing with the great diagrams, and for the link to your excellent cortisol article. I had not seen it before, and I hope that others who have not, will go to it. I will try to visit it again soon and leave a comment in answer to your request therein.

    I do believe it is critical for physician and victim alike to understand the adrenal/cortisol connection to WTS.

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