Wind developer application refused on health grounds (Australia)

Aug 14, 2012


“The proposed wind farm development will adversely and unreasonably impact on the health and amenity of the locality”

Minutes of Goyder Development Assessment Panel refusing consent for Tru Energy’s Stony Gap wind farm:

:  Mr P Dunn Seconded: Mrs J Kellock

That the Regional Council of Goyder Development Assessment Panel resolves that:

»»» (1) Having considered the Development Application 422/155/11, determine that pursuant to Section 35(2) of the Development Act, 1993, the proposed development is NOT seriously at variance with the Regional Council of Goyder Development Plan.

»»» (2) That for the purposes of Section 33 of the Development Act, 1993, Development Application 422/155/11 be REFUSED Development Plan Consent for the following reason:

»»» It is considered that the nature of the proposed wind farm development will adversely and unreasonably impact on the health and amenity of the locality through noise and vibration caused by the operation and hours of operation of the proposed wind farm development.

The proposed wind farm development is at odds with the following Regional Council of Goyder Development Plan Objectives and Principles of Development Control:

2.1. Council Wide – Interface Between Land Uses

Objective 1

»»» Development located and designed to prevent adverse impact and conflict between land uses

Objective 2

»»» Community health and amenity and support the operation of all desired land uses

Principles of Development Control

1. Development should not detrimentally affect the amenity of the locality or cause unreasonable interference through any of the following:

»»» b) noise

»»» c) vibration

»»» g) hours of operation

2. Development should be designed and sited to minimise negative impact on existing and potential future land uses considered appropriate in the locality.

6. Sensitive uses likely to conflict with the continuation of lawfully existing developments and land uses considered appropriate for the zone should not be developed or should be designed to minimize negative impacts.

7. Developments should be designed, constructed and sited to minimize negative impacts of noise and to avoid unreasonable interference.

2.2 Council Wide – Orderly Sustainable Development

Objective 1. Orderly and economical development that creates a safe, convenient and pleasant environment in which to live.


  1. Comment by Mtumba on 08/14/2012 at 6:43 pm


    Excellent precedent.

    Will this stand or be appealed?

    Editor’s reply: It’s being appealed. Tru Energy is taking it to court. That’s a good thing, so long as the community brings in heavy-weight experts to testify. And so long as the community hires first-rate attorneys to represent them.

    This could be the trial we’ve all been waiting for. Even if the community loses, a trial will highlight the bogus science behind Big Wind’s denial of Wind Turbine Syndrome.

    We have reason to believe the township will be represented by some of Australia’s finest litigators. Dr. Pierpont has offered to testify. I expect others of her caliber will offer, as well.

    “Bring it on, Tru Energy!”

    wyatt earp

  2. Comment by Jackie (Armow, Ontario, Canada) on 08/15/2012 at 7:33 pm

    Armow project has just revealed its maps. My home is slated to have 11 2.3MW “Vestas 101” within 1.5 km. There will be another 7 within 3 km. That’s 18, total.

    I wish our municipality could cite for the same reasons…


    Editor’s note: My dear, you’re toast. Don’t believe me? Write to Colette McLean in Ontario (, Sue Hobart in Falmouth Mass. (, and Barbara Ashbee in Ontario (

    Don’t try to “stick it out.” You can’t defeat infrasound, especially wind turbine infrasound (which has peculiar characteristics). You should begin the process of moving. Now.

  3. Comment by gail on 08/17/2012 at 3:47 am

    Calvin is right. I’m back in my old unsaleable home for the “holidays,” and can’t sleep. At night the turbines get really active … although they “dawdle” for most of the windless day-time.

    Fight now!

  4. Comment by Itasca Small on 08/17/2012 at 4:07 am

    As a victim who tried to stick-it-out, I am struggling to recover from the assault on my physical being of 2.2MW turbines just over 11 miles ENE from my home. Another couple was so affected at about the same distance but with the turbines NNW of their geodesic dome house, that when they knew they could not sell nor have the finances to move otherwise – as is the case with many victims, and the county ignored and then intimidated them into silence, the husband volunteered to return to active duty and go to fight in Afghanistan!

    You should take the Editor’s advice to heart and start moving. You will not be able to defeat ONE of those turbines so close to you, let alone 18 of them! Will power can be a friend, but it can also turn on you and drag you into destruction. Living cells cannot prevail against the onslaught of disruptive waves. It is only a question of how healthy you really are and where your weaknesses are as to how long you could withstand it. Entropy is inevitable in the Laws of Physics holding this created world together. (Which is one factor in why wind energy will never efficiently produce the power to save the planet! Whether one thinks it needs saving from humanity or not, wind energy will help destroy, not save it!)

    SAVE YOURSELF FIRST. Don’t get “Toasted!” Then, if you want to fight, you can join the fray at a distance, if you can get far enough away. I will say that there is progress being made, but it is too slow to save those of us already in the crosshairs of the Wind Carpetbaggers and their Fellow-Travellers! Don’t expect your governmental officials to help you willingly – they ALL seem to have drunk the Kool-Aid, and it has made them willfully blind. The sad truth is that, until the public-at-large awakens to the truth about their indoctrinated belief that wind will “save the planet,” THEY WILL NOT STOP! Education is the long-term answer. In the short-term, we’ll all be DEAD, unless we can escape.

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