“Who’s funding Big Wind, and why?”

Nov 21, 2010


“The Wind Farm Eruption”

Editor’s note:  Excellent article!  A must-read!  A clear-eyed look at the Big Wind scam.  Containing such gems as the following. (The guy’s a terrific writer, by the way.)

“The largest wind lobby, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), is a strong supporter of centralized government control. If you want one-sided propaganda about the benefits of wind energy, and how to get in cahoots with the manufacturers, this organization is your one-stop shopping mall. It represents itself as a scientifically based organization, but always avoids the real question regarding wind energy: Can electricity be delivered when it is needed?”

Click here to download the entire article, by Ed Hiserodt, The New American 11/8/10

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