Slovakia needs your help! (Slovakia)

Aug 8, 2010


Editor’s note:  The following email arrived the other day from a group in Slovakia that is fighting turbines in close proximity to people’s homes.  The email is from a psychologist, Peter Lat’ák, who courageously composed his letter in English for my benefit.  His English is laudable; my Slovak is nonexistent.  (I took the liberty of cleaning up his English a bit.)

He is asking for emails of support for their cause.  If you can write him a note of support, and speak to the health issues in particular (since that is the purpose of our website), Nina & I would appreciate it. 

Dear Mr. Martin,

Let me ask you for help.

I need letters of support for our organization, Civic Initiative Orava´s NO to Windmills. The reason is, people living here in these villages don’t believe this problem is European-wide, or worldwide. That’s why we need to show them this [international] dimension of our fight.

Please send us an expression of support mentioning basic disadvantages of wind turbines, such as depreciation of real estate value, health risks, and so on.

Address your email to Peter Latak at

Kind regards,

Mgr. Peter Lat’ák

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