“Ticket to Hell” (Germany)

Jun 3, 2010


The following is a translation of a handwritten letter from a Wind Turbine Syndrome victim from Ostfriesland, Lower Saxony, Germany—Editor

May 12, 2010

Dear Mr. Jacob,

Due to your call [appeal] on the Internet, where you accost [call on] concerned citizens in close proximity to wind turbines, I would like to describe briefly my and our symptoms.

With the erection of the bigger wind turbines here on the coast of the North Sea, I am suffering and some members of my family are suffering from diverse symptoms like hypertension, dizziness, headache and insomnia, or rather deprivation of sleep, which is extreme for me and one of my relatives because we can “hear” the infrasound as a vibration of our bodies.

We have one or more bass tones, 24 hours a day, which can’t be absorbed with anything—really anything! Also the whole body vibrates like on a ship at stormy sea.

Only the hope the authorities must make out this extreme problem after all, let us still live on! It is a trip to hell!

Our appeal to the authorities: Immediate overnight shutdown of all wind turbines, infrasound measurements in dwellings, also in houses which are far-off from windfarms.

With pleasure I would have taken part in the demonstration [in Berlin, May] personally, but my current state of health (Wind Turbine Syndrome) does not permit it anymore!

In hope that, nevertheless, everything turns for good, I remain with best wishes for all of us.

An inhabitant of the North Sea coast, respectively [respectfully] from hell on earth!

(The person would like to remain unnamed because of fear of backlash.  The name is known to Mr. Jacob and us—Marco Bernardi.)

—translated by Marco Bernardi

  1. Comment by Barry on 12/02/2010 at 5:44 pm

    Marco, thank you for speaking out. You are alerting others to the plight of the many people who live near where they are going to build these monsters.

    Once we stop the building, then we can start removing these monstrosities!

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