Ontario's Chuckleheads

Oct 1, 2009


A howler from Canada! 

Ontario’s “Chuckleheads of the Environment” first tell the wind developers their turbines can’t exceed a certain noise limit.  (Now get ready to wet your pants.)  Then they turn around and tell the people going bonkers from turbine noise that the Ministry has, um, no realistic way of measuring (monitoring) turbine noise

Which means that wind energy in the once reputable Province of Ontario is a free-for-all.

"What, me worry?" 

(Just when you thought The Three Stooges had gone off the air for good, they’re back as McGuinty, Smitherman, and Gerretsen, LLC.)

Don’t laugh too hard, dear reader, ‘cause your government also doesn’t have a clue how to do these measurements.  It’s a free-for-all everywhere.  Wet your pants again. 

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