"I moved within 3 km of 8 wind turbines 2 years ago"

Aug 13, 2009


“Since moving here, my husband suffers tinnitus and I have the odd panic attack and heart palpitation that I can actually feel in my chest—that vibration [Visceral Vibratory Vestibular Disturbance] that [Dr. Pierpont] talked about.”

“Another odd thing I found out, as time went on, is that my neighbours on each side of me suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, as well as the lady we bought the house from.  [She] said she did too, and now me!

“I am very upset about not finding these things out until now, or else I never would have bought a home within 10 miles of the things.

“Thank god for scientists like Nina, because it sounds like windmills are going to become big business, and research like this might put a stop to that. They said tanning beds were safe not that long ago.  We know now that’s not the case—20 years later!”


Editor’s note:  This posting arrived as a comment to “Buy the Book.”  The author didn’t furnish a last name or address.  From the spelling of “neighbour,” I am guessing she’s in Canada or the UK.  Possibly Australia or New Zealand.


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